Custom Tensioning Solutions

HTICO has an extensive line of hydraulic tools for a variety of industries and applications. If needed, we can also design and build a custom hydraulic tensioning system that’ll meet your unique tensioning requirements. Our pumps, nuts and tensioners undergo extensive lab and field testing to ensure maximum performance. When standard solutions don't work, trust HTI to provide a custom hydraulic solution for all your tensioning needs.

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Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners & Stud Tensioners

Hydraulics Technology Inc. has years of experience designing engineered solutions to your toughest bolt tensioning problems. HTI provides the finest method available to achieve proper bolt loading in critical connections - hydraulic tensioning. We offer an extensive line of hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic nuts to meet your needs. Our Hydraulic Tensioning Systems are accurate and help save you time and labor. HTI's Hydraulic Stud & Bolt Tensioning Systems also offer uniform stud loading, repeatable stud loading, increased stud life, and ease of use and safety. Visit HTI's Advantages of Hydraulic Tensioners page to learn more about all the benefits of using a stud & bolt tensioner to correctly tighten studs. We can also work with you to design a custom hydraulic tensioning system that will fit your application when standard models won't. Contact HTICO today to learn more.

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Hydraulic Tensioners

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HTI's Hydraulic Stud and Bolt Tensioning Systems are the simple and efficient answer to common stud and bolt tightening problems.

Hydraulic Pumps

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HTI's Hydraulic Pumps provide the high-pressure hydraulic oil to pressurize Hydraulic Stud Tensioners and Hydraulic Nuts.

Hydraulic Nuts

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HTI's Hydraulic Nut replaces the nut normally used and stays with the stud. This hydraulic nut is the most compact system and does not require additional stud length.