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Variable Model Stud Tensioners

Variable stud tensioner models allow the tensioning of different bolt sizes or thread forms while utilizing a common load cell. All that is necessary is to change out the pullers and bridges to accommodate a different size. The versatility of this stud tensioner keeps tool inventory to a minimum.

Applications Used:

  • Pipeline Flanges
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Valves and Pumps
  • Manways
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Diesel Engines
  • Cranes
  • Presses
  • Steam & Gas Turbines
  • Shaft Couplings
  • Coal and Rock Grinders
  • Catalyst Reactors
  • Wind Turbines
  • Electric & Steam Generators

Variable Stud Tensioner Models

Variable stude tensioner
variable model stud tensioner

How The Variable Model Stud Tensioner Works

The operator selects the Puller Bar, Bridge and Nut Rotating Socket for the stud and nut size to be tensioned. After placing the Bridge and Load Cell Housing over the nut, the operator threads the Puller Bar onto the stud. He then connects the Stud Tensioner to the Hydraulic Pump, using Hydraulic Hoses with Quick–Disconnect (QD) fittings. The Hydraulic Pump supplies high–pressure hydraulic oil to the Tensioner Load Cell, producing an accurate axial tension that stretches the stud. When the pump reaches a pre–set pressure, the operator uses a small bar to tighten the nut by hand. He then removes the Stud Tensioner and the process is completed.

 Benefits Provided:

  • Trouble-free, No-Leak, Lo-Friction Seals
  • Overstroke Indicator
  • Extra–Long Working Stroke
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Simple to Operate and Maintain
  • Total Quality Assurance
  • Dependable Operation
  • Twin Hydraulic Ports (on standard models)
Variable Tensioner Illustration
Tensioner Model 2623-7

The illustration shows the Tensioner with an optional drilled nut. Drilled nuts can be hex or round. A Nut Rotating Socket (NRS), that fits inside of the Bridge, and turns a hex nut, is furnished standard.

 Variable Tensioner Model Specifications & Sizes PDF (240 KB)

HTI can work with you to design a custom hydraulic tensioning system that will fit your hydraulic tensioner application when standard models won't. We also provide fixed stud tensioners and hydraulic nuts and pumps. Let us help you with your hydraulic tensioner applications including Cell Tower Hydraulic Tensioning.

Variable Stud Tensioners - Inch Tool Model
V2A075 V2A088 V2A100 -
V2A112 V2B125 V2B138 V2B150
V2C150 V2C162 V2C150 V2C162
V2C175 V2C188 V2C200 V2D188
V2D200 V2D225 V2D250 V2E250
V2E275 V2E300 V2F325 -
V2F350 V2F375 V2F400 -
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